Coach Lino

Coach Lino Enriquez

An Amateur IKF Champion and now current Professional, I first started in the sport 10 years ago. Walking in the gym weighing 230 lbs, it was through hard work and dedication that allowed me to lose 75 lbs and compete at 155 lbs within my first year of training!

The 75 lb weight loss was rewarding but more so was how much I grew to love this sport. Those that know me, know that I live and breathe Muay Thai. I believe it is my duty to spread my passion for this sport and change people’s lives for the better the same way mine has changed since first starting in Muay Thai.

As soon as you walk into our gym you will FEEL THE PASSION in the air! everybody loves being here and that is the most rewarding feeling of all!

What I have learned from fighting, and my many years of training, I can now pass down in all of my classes. Whether its fighting or weight loss I have walked the walked therefore making me extremely confident in teaching fighters as well as assisting those that are looking to get in great shape.

We are building something special here and I have no doubt in my mind that we offer THE BEST MUAY THAI TRAINING in our area!

Stop by and check us out today!