Advanced Muay Thai




Also led by Coach Lino, a Professional Fighter and Amateur Champion, our Advanced Muay Thai class is in good hands as he works to build everyone individually and round out their skills.

Through partner drills and advanced ring techniques, this high-paced class is focused on taking the average Muay Thai Practitioner and giving them CHAMPIONSHIP qualities. This sport has so many intricacies and Coach Lino does an excellent job of breaking those down to arm you with the BEST Muay Thai knowledge in Sacramento! From skilled hobbyists to active fighting Professionals this class will keep you motivated as we cover a wide range of new techniques weekly!

If you have a solid Muay Thai “foundation” or are already a fighter then this is the class you’re looking for!

You will learn:

  • Proven Ring Techniques
  • Advanced Drills and Combos
  • Set-ups and Ring IQ
  • Advanced  Muay Thai Clinch and Sparring
  • Sweeps, Trips, and Dumps
  • Advanced Defense and Counters